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How to distinguish the quality of sandwich mesh car mats?
2018-12-18 17:43:13

The special car, as the name suggests, is exactly the same as your model. You can put your seat structure on the opposite seat. The size of the gap is 0.3-0.5 mm. It is not made of any elastic fabric. I believe friends know the stretch fabric. The general seat is very common, but a big flaw, in the future, there will be loose, giving a special visual effect is not good, and the sandwich mesh fabric is inelastic, some manufacturers do not use.

Sandwich nets make the whole car all-encompassing. The seat fabric with backrest is used but not a sandwich mesh but elastic cotton. It is on the headrest and some rubber bands. It is really special to use magic wands and rubber bands for a long time. There will be elastic problems, in addition to these points is to look at the product weight ~ inferior product sandwich light and thin.

With high-quality fabrics and stylish and dynamic designs, the sandwich mesh seat has become the company of many automotive products, mainly selling products.

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