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Effect of single layer mesh fabric yarn structure on durability
2018-12-18 17:41:08

The durability of the single-layer mesh cloth yarn is very high, and the structure of the single-layer mesh cloth yarn plays an absolute role. The following small series has the influence on the durability of the structure of the single-layer mesh cloth yarn.

1. The tensile strength, elasticity and wear resistance of the yarn affect the durability of the garment. Affected by the yarn structure.

2. The effect of the yarn structure on the pilling performance: after one fiber breaks in the filament yarn, one end is still attached to the yarn, the broken end is curled by itself, and is subjected to friction pilling; the blended staple fiber yarn has poor cohesion. Easy to get out.

3. Impact on elasticity

Short-staple yarn: a certain external force is applied to the spun yarn. The staple fiber is straightened from the curl, and the external force is canceled, which can restore elasticity. When the staple fiber is straightened and continues to be applied, the staple fiber will slide between the staple fibers. Move or slip, then cancel the external force will produce irreversible deformation.

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