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The difference between warp knitted fabric and weft knitted fabric
2018-12-18 17:38:43

First, the organization of weft knitted fabric

1, the basic organization

(1) Flat seam flat seam is wound around the column arc coil assembly, the coil assembly, the tissue is made up of a uniform size weft yarn, that is, a single tissue, that is, a daily jersey.

(2) Ribs: alternating front and negative longitudinal rows. The front and negative wales are configured with different appearances to form ribs of different styles and properties. Such as 1+1, 2+2, 3+2 and so on.

(3) Reverse stitching course: the form of alternating positive and negative. Due to the elastic force of the yarn, the coil is tilted in the longitudinal direction to cause the fabric to contract, thereby projecting on the surface of the fabric in a circular arc, resulting in negative externalities.

2, organizational changes

(1) Change in the structure of the plain needle: it is arranged by the longitudinal phase of the two flat needles. The use of the two yarns can be formed into a white vertical striped fabric, and the second jersey with different widths of the colored stripes is the longitudinal interphase number.

(2) Variations: such as 1 + 1 ribs form a change in appearance like 2 + 2 ribs; arranged into ribs looks like 3 + 3 ribs with 2 + 2 ribs and ribs 1 + 1 phase change.

3, fancy organization


(1) Single-faced jacquard yarn and white: a tissue arranged in a row by two or more different colors.

(2) Double-sided jacquard double-sided jacquard pattern: can be formed on one side of the fabric and can be formed on both sides of the fabric at the same time. Jacquard jacquard fabrics generally use a non-positive, negative side of the fabric. The opposite pattern jacquard is generally straight stripes, horizontal stripes, large pits, and pitting.

Tuck organization:

(3) Establishing a unit circle by a circular structure: setting a small hole effect in which the unit forms unevenness.

(4) Double-circle organization: The half-knitted shirt based on round-knit rib and double rib is a single-needle single-set ring, and the other side is a flat-needle structure, which causes tissue formation; the two cardigans are single-needle single-pieces of ring wicker tissue.


(5) All coil plating: It means that all the fabrics are formed by overlapping two coils of the coil, the yarn of the fabric is displayed, and the other side is displayed by another line.

(6) Coiled parts of the coil:

The embroidered yarn and the tissue will be formed on the coil portion of the fabric that is the same or different in color and arranged in a particular pattern.

The float is added to the veil based on the tissue plain weave, the density of the yarn, the linear density, and the veil of the yarn and the braided yarn are also increased.

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