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The specific classification of small mesh cloth and the introduction of raw materials
2018-12-18 17:45:48

The small mesh cloth is a mesh fabric with mesh, which is generally divided into two categories; knitted mesh cloth and woven mesh cloth. Among them, knitted mesh fabrics are more widely used due to factors such as novel and variable patterns.

The mesh shape of the knitted mesh fabric generally has hexagonal, rhombic, circular, square, rectangular, wavy and irregular shapes, and various conditions can be varied depending on the material and the thickness of the yarn and the finishing treatment. Style fabric effect, small hole mesh cloth is suitable for clothing, shoes and hats, luggage, outdoor products, baby products, automotive supplies and other fields.

The raw materials for the production of warp-knitted mesh fabrics are mainly chemical fiber filaments, of which polyester yarn, polyester low-elastic yarn and nylon yarn are the most widely used. Nylon high-elastic yarn, polypropylene yarn, spandex yarn, PBT, silk and various types of viscose yarn are used. All kinds of staple fiber yarns, such as cotton, hemp, wool and various blended yarns, are also used in warp knitting. In the production of mesh fabrics, therefore, almost any yarn can be produced by warp-knitted fabrics, as long as the appropriate model and machine number are selected and the yarn is properly pretreated. The production process of the small-hole mesh warp knitted mesh fabric is as follows; the mesh cloth raw material (the mesh cloth raw material enters the factory - the raw material inspection - the stacking) - the warping - the mesh cloth weaving - the finishing (pretreatment - dyeing) --Washing--setting]--into the warehouse (inspection--rolling--into the finished fabric warehouse)

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