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Various types of knitted sandwich nets
2018-12-18 17:36:59

Knitted sandwich fabrics are also divided into two types, weft knitted knit sandwich fabrics and warp knitted knit sandwich fabrics. Among them, warp knitted sandwich fabrics are generally woven with West German high-speed warp knitting machines, and the raw materials are generally nylon, polyester, spandex, etc. The finished products of knitted sandwich mesh fabric are high-elastic mesh cloth, mosquito net cloth, laundry net, luggage net, hard net, sandwich net cloth, creek, embroidered net cloth, wedding net, square grid, transparent net, American net, Diamond mesh, jacquard net, lace and other mesh fabrics.

Cotton beaded mesh clothes will definitely be slightly deformed after washing. The whole polyester will not be deformed.

The deformation of polyester/cotton will be very small. You can see the ingredients on the washing label when you buy clothes. However, the polyester or polyester-cotton fabrics are of a lower grade and are not as comfortable as cotton, so it is not recommended. Ordinary cotton beaded mesh short T-shirt can not be washed or deformed small points can pay attention to the following points.

Touching the feel of the fabric, it feels smoother, and the hand feels a little bit harder. This kind of personality culture shirt will definitely shrink and not become bigger after washing.

If you are buying high-end pearl culture shirts, you must buy the "double silk beads mesh" fabric which is about three times more expensive than ordinary bead mesh, so be sure to pay attention when purchasing:

1: Double silk beads are generally thinner.

2: The fabric is very smooth, without a little bit of cloth, knots or fine fluff.

3: The surface of the fabric looks as shiny as silk.

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