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What is a healthy stretch fabric?
2018-12-14 17:41:18

According to the relevant introduction, the healthy elastic cloth is a kind of elastic cloth. Elastic cloth refers to the elastic fabric. Through the rib structure, the fabric has greater elasticity. It is often used for the collar and cuffs of T-shirts, and has a good body-closing effect. Xiao Bian learned that a healthy stretch fabric usually refers to a laminated double-sided cloth with a function of moisture wicking on one side and cotton. The fabric is breathable, soft and smooth, and has a good skin feel. It is the main fabric for sports, casual wear and professional wear. The healthy stretch fabric can be subjected to functional treatment such as moisture wicking and UV resistance according to the needs of the guests. There are: Jin, cotton, human cotton, modal, bamboo fiber, chemical fiber (polyester / acrylic), soybean fiber, slub yarn, milk fiber, organic cotton, Tencel and TC, TR, CR and other blended fibers.

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