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Sandwich mesh cloth
2018-07-13 14:19:04

1 Introduction:

A sandwich fabric is a synthetic fabric made of warp knitting machine.

Sandwich style

Sandwich fabric from the upper, middle and lower three sides. The surface is usually a mesh design. The middle layer is the MOLO yarn that connects the surface and the bottom surface. The bottom surface is usually a plain weave plane called "sandwich". Under the fabric layer of dense network, making the surface of the network will not deformation too much, to strengthen the fabric fastness and color. Mesh effect makes the fabric more modern and sporty reticular effect. It uses high-molecular synthetic fiber from the precision machine made of a one-time weaving, durable, is a warp knitted fabric inside the boutique.

2 Features:

Has been widely used in sports shoes and apparel, luggage, seat cover, and other different areas. Sandwich fabrics mainly have the following characteristics:

1: good ventilation and moderate ability to adjust. Dimensional mesh organizational structure, it is known as the breathing of the mesh. Compared to other flat-panel fabrics, sandwich fabrics are more breathable, and through air circulation, the surface is comfortable and dry.

2: Unique elasticity function. Sandwich fabric mesh structure, in the production process after a high temperature stereotypes. When subjected to external forces, can be extended in the direction of force, when the pull force to reduce the withdrawal, the mesh can be restored to the original shape. Material both in the horizontal and vertical to maintain a certain degree of elongation, and will not loose deformation.

3: wearable, never play the ball. Sandwich fabric is made of tens of thousands of polymer synthetic yarn, refined from the oil. Made of knitted weave, it is not only firm, able to withstand high strength of the tension and tear, and smooth and comfortable.

4: anti-mildew antibacterial. Material after anti-mildew antibacterial treatment, can inhibit the breeding of bacteria.

5: easy to clean and dry. Sandwich fabric can be adapted to hand washing, machine wash, dry cleaning, easy to clean up. Three-storey breathable structure, easy to dry air.

6: stylish and beautiful appearance. Sandwich fabrics are bright and soft and do not fade. More with three-dimensional mesh pattern, both chase

With the fashion trend, but also to maintain a certain classic style.

3 Use:

Shoes, cushions, cushions, cushions, ice mats, mats, mats, mattresses, bedspreads, helmets, luggage, golf sets, golf shop bottom laying, sports protective fabrics, outdoor appliances, clothing, home furnishings , Kitchen textiles, office furniture ingredients, theater sound insulation materials, some areas to replace sponge-grade rubber. 

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