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Plain cloth secret
2018-12-14 17:29:58

A fabric woven from a plain weave is called a plain weave. That is, the warp yarn and the weft yarn are interlaced once every other yarn (that is, the yarn is 1 upper and lower)

The basic feature of plain weave is that it adopts a plain weave. The yarn has many interlacing points in the fabric, which makes the fabric stiff and firm. It has better abrasion resistance, higher strength, uniform surface and the same front and back surface than other tissue fabrics of the same specification.

According to the thickness of the warp and weft yarns used, it can be divided into a thick flat cloth, a medium flat cloth and a fine flat cloth. 3D mesh

The coarse flat cloth, also known as the coarse cloth, is mostly woven with pure cotton yarn. Its characteristics are that the cloth body is rough and thick, and the fabric has more impurities in the neps, which is firm and durable.

The cotton fabrics according to the fabric structure may be referred to as plain, twill, and satin, respectively.

(1) Plain cloth. It is a general term for plain weave cotton fabrics of various specifications.

(2) Twill cloth. It is a general term for various specifications of twill weave.

(3) satin cloth. It is a general term for various specifications of satin tissue cotton.

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