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Mesh cloth related knowledge
2018-12-18 16:56:17

Mesh applications have been widely used in outdoor equipment, such as clothing lining, backpack nets, uppers and other aspects have applications. What is the material weaving? So what are the characteristics of the mesh, the following is a brief introduction to some of the knowledge about the mesh.

 Mesh cloth, also known as mesh cloth, should be called warp knitted fabric, which is simply a fabric woven by warp knitting machine (knit). The mesh size and mesh depth of the mesh can be woven by adjusting the stitching of the warp knitting machine according to requirements, such as our common diamond, triangle, hexagon, and column, square, square and other mesh shapes. The variety of mesh shapes is a major feature of warp-knitted woven fabrics. The range of fabrics involved is very wide, and there are also a large number of applications in outdoor equipment.

At present, the materials used for mesh weaving are generally polyester, nylon and other chemical fibers, which have the characteristics of high strength, light weight, high resistance, low temperature and good moisture absorption.

According to the nature of outdoor and sports activities, the inner layer of jackets and sportswear, mountaineering bags, shoe uppers and linings of some shoes are lined with mesh. As a barrier between human sweat and clothing, it prevents moisture from being extremely tired on the surface of human skin, keeps air circulation smooth, avoids abrasion of waterproof and breathable membrane, and makes clothing more comfortable. Some of the mesh fabrics used in high-end clothing also use textiles that absorb moisture and perspiration. Due to the different design concepts and manufacturing processes, some jackets use a three-layer composite fabric with a mesh directly attached to the inside of the gas permeable membrane. According to the needs and characteristics of use, some equipment also uses elastic yarn (adding a certain proportion of Lycra fiber) and other stretchable fibers to weave a certain elastic mesh, for example, used to make the outer side of the mountaineering bag. The elastic water mesh fabric is used for the water bottle, the sundries mesh bag, the inside of the backpack, the shoulder strap and the like. Here are a few different types of mesh pictures.

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