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3D mesh features
2018-12-14 16:34:03


1. Double-layer mesh design makes it breathable and moisture permeable.

2. The middle monofilaments are arranged vertically in X-90°, breaking through the traditional bulk fiber 0° support, and the density is 800 times that of the spring, which can provide cushioning protection, which is very suitable for mattresses, cushions and other needs. Protective product.

3, 3D mattress made of (3D mesh cloth), 3D pillow, 3D car seat cushion is easy to wash and dry, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so it is safe and sanitary.


(3D mesh) 3D spacer fabric main advantages


Easy to clean and disinfect

No need to cut and stitch

Good cushioning

The surface is stretched and can be in a variety of flower shapes

Superior resilience



Textile material, rapid prototyping

Good bending performance

Adjustable temperature

Polyester material, not easy to age

(1) It can protect the skin from the contamination of liquids and particles, and can make the skin breathable;

(2) Effectively prevent infection by bacteria and fungi;

(3) Light texture, convenient washing and disinfection, antistatic;

(4) good resilience, providing buffer protection, easy to wash and dry

(5) The amount of chemical finishing agent and fuel is small, no pollution, and the ignition point is low;

(6) Good fastness, no delamination, good moist heat comfort

(7) Good mechanical properties and chemical stability.

(8) Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, recyclable

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